Our Services

Concept Development Services

Do you have a great restaurant, service, or retail store? Do you have a great idea that hasn’t been done yet that you think would make a great franchise? We will assess your idea from start to finish and give you our industry insights and honest opinion about whether or not to take your concept to the next level and what it will take to get there.

  • Is Concept Franchisable
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Considerations
  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Team Development
  • Sales Training
  • FDD Strategy and Development
  • Design/Floor Plan/FF&E
  • Operations and Support Documentation

Emerging Concept Services

Creating a scalable model when you already have units open can be a challenge. Are you missing out on opportunities for strategic growth with systems that don’t scale? Are your franchisees making money, and if so, can their profit be improved?

  • FDD Review and Updates
  • 1-3-5 Strategic Plan Development
  • Brand Standards Consistency
  • Lead Generation and Accountability
  • Sales Coaching and Training
  • Sales Broker Management and Accountability
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Comprehensive Business and Operational Review
  • Franchise Management Software Recommendations

High Growth Concept Services

Is your concept growth out-pacing your team’s ability to manage systems, people, or profits? A hot concept can present unique opportunities with the need to refine and sharpen operations, administration, sales, real estate, and all other function areas in a fast-paced environment.

  • Concept Operations Analysis
  • Item 19 Franchisee Profitability Review
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Franchise Administration and Compliance Process
  • Prototypical Design Documents
  • Item 7 Intial Investment Review
  • Assessment of Brand Standards
  • Brand Building and Marketing Fund
  • 1-3-5 Strategic Plan

Maturing Concept Services

Over the life cycle of a franchise concept it can be a challenge to keep up with current trends and requirements. You may want an opportunity for a fresh pair of eyes to fine-tune your concept. Or it may be time to do a deep dive and assess what needs to be tweaked to maximize operations and profitability for the concept and the franchisees. Even a mature and complex organization can benefit from an outside perspective.

  • Function Area Audits
  • Private Equity Investment/Founder Exit
  • Strategy for Concept Evolution
  • Franchise Sales Assessment
  • International Expansion
  • New Market Expansion
  • Non-traditional Real Estate and Distribution Point
  • Assist with Diligence for Acquisitions
  • Strategic Direction Change/New Product Ideation

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